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     Fanavaran Bahr as the base and mother company to the very Fanavaran group, is established more than 20 years ago, availing to professional manpower from different industries, connection to state companies managers and experience during the past years made this company to collect records and capabilities to cover required services in individual groups of people/companies for in shore/offshore industries. Most of these services are:

  • Management and crewing services for ships and oil rigs.

  • Technical management and major repairs of ships, offshore/industrial oil rigs.

  • Drilling (directional) and other services.

  • Designation, providing and establishment of Diesel power plant, diesel Gensets, control panels, alarm systems.

  • Providing ship's and offshore safety equipments.

  • Providing technical equipments, machineries like winches, Gensets, control panelks, alarm systems.


     The idea of establishment and determination of work scope for this company, has came out of many years of group experience in the field of offering services to oil/marine companies. This company provides services as a local, available and individual base along with group policy for southern state companies and their facilities. The main services offered by this company, are:

  • Management, repairs and maintenance services of marine/industrial machineries, i.e. ships and rigs.

  • Major repairs of diesel engines and diesel Gensets, marine power/alarm control panels ending up to obtaining classification certificates.

  • Major repairs of marine/in shore oil rigs' cranes.

  • Programming, scheduling training and performance of PMS repairs/maintenance programs as per equipment Manual.

  • Management, technical support and crew manning of ships and stations including:

  1- Technical staff team shaping up.

2- Providing operation team and required parts.

3- Designation of a 5-year repairs, implementation of major as per equipment manual.

4-  Creating technical/repairs records of engines and machineries for all given services.

  • Implementation of diving operations and cooperation with an abroad company.

  • Implementation of required marine, safety and technical trainings for personnel.

  • Docking planning, supervisory on supervisory on underwater repairs of ships and rigs according to global standards and classification societies.

  • Management or implementation of installation and running up of stations, pumping units and pipelines.


     Based on experience, taking advantage of some state facilities and local potentials of southern provinces, we decided to establish a company to provide more sophisticated and professional services to the customers. Availing to local manpower along with state enterpreneurship is a long term goal for us here. So, services offered in this section, can be mentioned as below:

  • On-Shore Drilling Rig Supplement.

  • Directional Drilling Service Providing.

  • MWD/LWD - Gyro Service Providing.

  • Completion Service Providing.

  • Mud Logging Service Providing.

  • Coiled Tubing Service Providing.

  • Slick-Line Service Providing.

  • Waste Management Service Providing.

  • Procurement.

  • Manpower Providing.


     More than 20 years of experience in mechanical/electrical field service providing,  made us to buy a land and establish a workshop in order to enable us manufacture and provide low range diesel/Gas power generation station in the frame of another company separate from group other maintenance services lines. The most services by Fanavaran Diesel Power Co. are as follows:

  • Providing different types and brands of marine/industrial diesel engines.

  • Designation, providence, installation and running up of low range EPC diesel power generation stations up to 4000 KVA.

  • Coupling diesel Gensets, diesel pumps ... as per customer order including manufacturing of subsidiary equipments such as boards, chassis, exhaust...

  • Designation and manufacturing different types of boards like emergency, manual, parallel, alarm control...  power boards.

  • Designation, manufacture and running up of safety and automation systems for diesel engines and Gensets.

  • Designation and application of PMS and MDS repairs and maintenance systems.

  • Major repairs of diesel engines and Gensets (periodical, urgent and on demand) as well as installation and running up.

  • Technical and supplement services for diesel engines and Gensets (repairs, spare parts, management and maintenance).